TheraPlate Therapy

The TheraPlate is a vibrational therapy treatment modality.

It is a platform that the horse stands on (or the dog stands or lays down on) that oscillates at a therapeutic frequency. This increases blood flow throughout the entire body (including areas that are getting poor blood flow/perfusion, such as injury sites), which improves overall health and helps stimulate healing at injury sites. It has been shown to also increase bone density and muscle mass and can be used as part of a conditioning program.

It is used in humans and there are numerous clinical trials showing its efficacy. Clinical trials in animals are underway, but anecdotal evidence has shown it to be very useful in treating laminitis, tendon and ligament injuries, arthritis, navicular disease, colic, respiratory conditions, wound healing, and more.

We all love to use it, too, along with our horses and dogs!

Therapeutic Benefits

We chose the TheraPlate over other vibration technologies because the 4 Zone Vortex Wave design that provides a zero-impact oscillation. This means you get the therapeutic benefits without aggravation or further injury to the problem areas.

Depending on the condition, we recommend daily to weekly use, or it can simply be used as an adjunct therapy to monthly or quarterly bodywork treatments. We can also provide you with a TheraPlate rental for you to use at your barn if haul in or staying here is not possible.

Click here to schedule a TheraPlate appointment or Call Cedarbrook Veterinary Care at (360) 794-9255 to learn more!

We treat the whole animal, every time.

Cedarbrook Veterinary Care offers TheraPlate therapy for equines and small and companion animals on a haul in basis at our Cedarbrook Farms facility or through a prescription for in-home use.

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