SCENAR Therapy
SCENAR Therapy

SCENAR therapy (Self-Controlled Electro/Neuro Adaptive Regulator — pronounced “Skenar”) is a form of electro-stimulation that is non-invasive, non-toxic, non-manipulative, gentle and soothing.

This innovative device, which works alongside mainstream medicine, is used as an alternative therapy in pain management and musculoskeletal conditions that has shown proven results in the area of pain management.

SCENAR therapy works through interacting with the body's nervous system and acupuncture channels. It utilizes a mild electrical signal which is applied to the body where areas of pain or dysfunction have been noted. From there, dermal nerve receptors send signals through the central nervous system, triggering the release of waves of neuropeptides. These are natural healing and regulatory substances, including some of the strongest known painkillers (endorphins).

While similar to the TENS unit, SCENAR has a stronger ability to stimulate the body's innate ability to heal which aids in both pain management as well as correction of the underlying problem. In animals, it can also be used diagnostically to help locate the source of pain based on the readings of electrical impedance. The specific electrical waveform stimulus the device emits is based on the constant information it is reading from the body. It both mimics the electrical waveforms of a healthy parasympathetic wave (causing a feeling of wellbeing) and stimulates fibers of the nervous system which directly activate the area in the brain responsible for homeostasis and overall perception of pain. This stimulation also causes a local release of pain-relieving peptides such as endorphins, which, in turn, relieves pain and resets the pain cycle.

The effects of SCENAR are shown to be deep, cumulative and lasting. However, overall health, quality of diet, past injuries, stress/work levels, and the nature of any previous treatments will all affect how quickly the body responds, especially with chronic conditions.

If you are looking for integrative options for your animal's pain management or looking for a complementary therapy to include in your animal's health care regime, you might want to give SCENAR therapy a try.
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