Equine Podiatry

At Cedarbrook Veterinary Care, we take to heart the old adage, "No hoof, no horse".

Dr. Hannah has had extensive equine podiatry training, starting prior to vet school when she worked as an apprentice farrier in order to form a solid foundation in therapeutic and corrective trimming and shoeing. We are dedicated to optimizing hoof care for both prevention and treatment of underlying disease or injury and feel that hoof evaluations are a key element in thorough holistic veterinary examinations. A primary source of lameness can be hoof or hoof-related problems, and skilled podiatry is an essential component of the treatment of laminitis, navicular syndrome, quarter cracks, and other hoof-related lameness.

Some hoof procedures, such as hoof crack resection, debridement of infection, soft tissue prolapse, and hoof surgery, require a combination of veterinary and farrier expertise which can be provided at our facility. By setting up an appointment with one of our veterinarians, you have access to our knowledgeable staff and advanced diagnostic equipment.

When needed, digital radiographs may be taken to not only assess underlying injuries, but also to aid your hoof care provider in assessing hoof balance and hoof alignment. Our digital radiography system enables us to perform a variety of measurements on hoof x-rays. This allows us to determine internal angles and distance relationships within the hoof, which guides the trimming process, as well as providing a baseline for future progress evaluations. These imaging modalities help us to reach a specific diagnosis for the cause of hoof-related lameness, and determine the best treatment and trimming techniques on an individual basis.

Optimizing Hoof Care

Optimizing hoof care gives the horse its best opportunity for injury and lameness prevention. It also allows for a more complete recovery from an injury in order for your horse to lead a long, healthy, and sound life. All ages and breeds of horses are treated, from newborn foals to high-end performance horses.

If equine podiatry is be something you would like to explore for your horse, or if you have any questions, contact Cedarbrook Veterinary Care at (360) 794-9255 so our veterinarians can work with your hoof care provider to create a plan specifically for your horse's needs.

We treat the whole animal, every time.

Cedarbrook Veterinary Care offers podiatry for equines in Snohomish, Monroe, Woodinville, Duvall, Lake Stevens, Redmond and the areas within that region. Our non-emergent care services also extend to Arlington, Fall City, North Bend and Carnation for care requiring a full day. If you are outside of our service area feel free to haul into to our Cedarbrook Farms facility.

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