Pre-Purchase Exams

Our veterinarians are here to help you

Pre-purchase exams can be performed at Cedarbrook Farms or in the field by our veterinarians. Whether you are purchasing a family pleasure horse or an upper level performance horse, we offer a thorough examination before you make a lifelong commitment to your new equine partner.

Our veterinarians are here to help you to be sure you've found an equine partner well-suited to your desired discipline and level.

Pre-purchase examinations include:

Full Physical Exam

Every pre-purchase examination begins with a physical exam of the horse. At this stage, we assess the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, eyes, teeth, conformation, and palpate the limbs for areas of current and chronic injury. We also obtain a medical and competitive history of the animal. The physical exam includes:

Full Exam
  • Ophthalmic Exam
  • Dental Exam (not including dental float)
  • Cardiovascular Exam
  • Neurologic Exam

Laminitis, Lameness & Hoof Exam

Following the initial examination, we observe the horse on the lunge line to assess gait, soundness, and level of fitness. The heart and lungs are listened to again after exercise to check for stress-related abnormalities.

Flexion tests are performed on the lower limbs. These tests involve bending a specific joint for a set period of time and then immediately trotting the horse off. Arthritic or inflamed joints can be identified this way, as the horse will show stiffness or a slight limp for a few strides.

We also observe the horse's gaits under saddle, when appropriate, and evaluate their temperament and suitability for riding.

A primary source of lameness can be hoof or hoof-related problems. For this reason, we will also examine the hoof using hoof testers to check for hoof-related lameness issues.

Additional Services Available

If the horse performs well on the above tests, for an additional charge you can request radiographs and blood tests. In some cases, we also recommend specialist referral or one month trials with a second evaluation prior to purchase.

Radiographs will examine the bones and joints of the limbs for signs of injury, arthritis, and the potential for future problems. While no horse is perfect, our goal is to help you decide which findings are unlikely to interfere with the horse's soundness, versus those which may become a problem. The past record of soundness, age of the horse, and intended use are obviously important factors in these decisions.

We can also conduct blood tests to check for illness, drug testing, and any other abnormalities as requested.
If you are interested in scheduling a pre-purchase exam, call our office at (360) 794-9255 today!

We treat the whole animal, every time.

Cedarbrook Veterinary Care offers pre-purchase exams for equines in Snohomish, Monroe, Woodinville, Duvall, Lake Stevens, Redmond and the areas within that region. Our non-emergent care services also extend to Arlington, Fall City, North Bend and Carnation for care requiring a full day. If you are outside of our service area feel free to haul into to our Cedarbrook Farms facility.

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