We treat the whole animal, every time
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Renowned Medical Team

The veterinarian at Cedarbrook Veterinary Care, Dr. Hannah Mueller, is a dynamic person specializing in equine medicine, surgery, and dentistry, as well as acupuncture and chiropractic services for horses, dogs, cats and other species with a compassionate and holistic approach.

We excel in equine dentistry, sports medicine, and lameness, in addition to rehabilitation cases and a holistic approach to routine veterinary care, and we always promote the best interest of the patient.

Renowned Medical Team

The veterinarian at Cedarbrook Veterinary Care, Dr. Hannah Mueller, is a dynamic person specializing in equine medicine, surgery, and dentistry, as well as alternative modalities with a compassionate and holistic approach in caring for horses in Snohomish, King, and the surrounding counties.

We excel in equine dentistry, sports medicine, and lameness, in addition to rehabilitation cases and a holistic approach to routine veterinary care, and we always promote the best interest of the patient.
Haul-Ins & Mobile Equine Farm Call Appointments
Due to the veterinary shortage in our region and the need to streamline our veterinarian's time in order to maximize the number of patients she is able to help each day, we encourage haul-in appointments to our facility at Cedarbrook Farms. We will continue to offer farm call services to our long-term/existing clients and on a case-by-case basis for appointments where multiple horses can be seen at one location.

Haul-in appointments allow us to give the best possible care at our state-of-the-art facility with all of our veterinary supplies and equipment at our fingertips. During your visit, enjoy the healing sanctuary feel of our beautiful farm with easy access just outside of Monroe.
How to Schedule an Appointment
The best way to schedule an appointment is to click on the 'Request Appointment" button at the top of our webpage (or through our PetCare mobile app). This will take you to a form (scroll down if you don't see it pop up) where you will pick the reason for your visit and select the provider (Dr. Hannah Mueller). If you are unsure of what to pick for the reason for the visit, choose Equine Exam for horses or Small Animal Initial Bodywork Exam for all other species and enter details in the “Special Requests” section.

The dog park, theraplate, and consultations require payment at the time of scheduling and have their separate schedules of availability here. All other appointments require payment at the time of service, and we do charge a cancellation fee for appointments that are canceled within 48 business hours of your scheduled appointment time. Please be sure to ask for a current cost estimate before scheduling your appointment if needed.

Next, scroll through the calendar, and pick an appointment day/time that works best for you, and click “Next.” The next screen will have you fill in your information. Here, existing clients need to use the same email address and phone number that we have on file in our system, or it will cause our system to create an entirely new account with your name. Please make sure your name and your pet's name also match the way they are in our system (if you are unsure, check previous appointment notes as they would have been emailed to the account on file and would contain details as we have on file).

Next, click on “Book Appointment”. This prompts an appointment request to show up in our system and reserves you a spot on the schedule. Give us one business day to either approve the appointment or move your appointment to a different day or time (please call or text to schedule same-day appointments). If we need to move your appointment, an email will be sent to you asking to confirm the new time works. If not, you can email, call, or text the office or try again online with a different day/time.

Unfortunately, the online scheduling isn’t a perfect system, but please stick with it, an it will improve with time. For best success in scheduling: Generally, it is best to schedule haul-in horses and dog appointments on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays and Farm calls on Thursdays and Fridays; however, if you are not a long-term/existing client grandfathered into farm calls, your appointment will be changed to a haul-in appointment unless pre-approved.

We are currently taking new clients on a haul-in basis only, other than special cases where there are multiple horses to be seen at one location. We also streamline our farm calls to group calls to similar locations, so please understand if we need to move your appointment day/time to minimize Dr Hannah’s drive times.

For our haul-in and dog days, we generally book dogs from the top down and horses from the bottom up so that Dr Hannah does not go back and forth between dog and horse patients. Our scheduling system doesn’t understand this, so please do your best to help us minimize moving appointments around by scheduling dogs at the first available appointment time and horses at the last available appointment time.

As we get closer to the appointment day, we will need to fill in any gaps to maximize Dr Hannah’s time, so please schedule a day where you have flexibility in appointment timing if you get bumped up or down a bit. If your schedule cannot be flexible, please note that at the time of scheduling, we will do our best to accommodate you when possible.

Schedule to use the Cedarbrook farms dog park.

Here, you can sign up to use our dog agility park.

We work with you to provide the best care for your horse.

Client Testimonial

"Imagine having the confidence and security that when your pet needs medical or supportive care you have the power of expert knowledge and skill from a compassionate team of professionals providing a superior level of service around the clock. Doctor Hannah Mueller and her team at Cedarbrook Veterinary Care have provided this unparalleled level of care to me and my horses for the past 6 years and now I can't imagine being a horse owner without them. Whether it is routine care, disease management or a medical crisis lasting weeks I always feel like my horses and I are their priority and I am never alone or under served. With an older horse I have unwittingly tested this repeatedly. I have also found the rates for services to be lower than other large animal clinics I have used in the past, which is a bonus, since I would be willing to pay a premium for the level of service we receive.

I love the inclusion of holistic practices in the care Dr. Hannah provides as she is treating the whole animal rather than just the symptoms of illness.

If I could provide one piece of advice to any horse owner, especially if your horse is a member of your family, it would be to work with this team. I can't imagine ever finding better care."

Laura Yen, multiple horse owner

Equine Rehabilitation Services

Cedarbrook Veterinary Care offers custom rehabilitation packages based on your horse's individual needs both at your farm or at the Cedarbrook Farms facility.
We encourage high-needs patients to stay at the Cedarbrook Farms facility long term for their recovery so our expert team can provide daily care and rehabilitation for optimal healing.

Equine Emergency Services

Whether at your stable or at the Cedarbrook Farms facility, our veterinarians and support staff are fully equipped and available to deal with emergency calls. We strive to be available for calls 24/7.

Cedarbrook Farms

At Cedarbrook Farms, we offer haul-in veterinary appointments, rehabilitation and hospice boarding for horses, equine rescue rehabilitation services, our Dog Agility Park, covered roundpen/arena facilities rental, educational clinics, volunteer/unpaid internship opportunities, and job shadowing opportunities.

Alternative Care for
Small & Companion Animals

Chiropractic, acupuncture, and SCENAR therapies for pets work hand in hand with traditional medicine to provide companion animals optimum health and well being. The therapies are gentle and specific in restoring joint mobility and function ⁠— keeping them pliable so that your animal can have the best possible movement and for enhancing your pet's overall health. We offer these services to dogs and cats, as well as pocket pets, rabbits, cows, goats, llamas, pigs, chickens, and exotic pets, such as parrots. Learn more about the alternative therapies we offer for small and companion animals here.

We treat the whole animal, every time.

Cedarbrook Veterinary Care offers preventive, illness, emergency, and alternative care for equines as well as alternative care for small and companion animals in Snohomish, Monroe, Woodinville, Duvall, Lake Stevens, Redmond, and the areas within that region. Our non-emergent services also extend to Arlington, Fall City, North Bend, and Carnation for care requiring a full day. Our dog agility park is often used by owners from the greater Seattle area.

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