Veterinary/Tech and Working Student Opportunities

Students consulting with Dr. Hannah

Veterinary Students

Dr. Hannah welcomes veterinary students interested in equine medicine to perform formal or informal internship/preceptorships with Cedarbrook Veterinary Care and Cedarbrook Farms. This program allows students to observe a variety of patients and assist with horse husbandry and daily care. Veterinary students are quickly put to work assisting the veterinarians in procedures such as dental floats, lameness exams, injections, etc. and are able to gain hands on experience doing procedures through our rescue rehabilitation program depending on our caseload. Our students work hard and become an important part of our team. Students also will gain a valuable introduction into various modalities including acupuncture and chiropractic as Cedarbrook Veterinary Care has a holistic approach to veterinary medicine.

For Dr. Hannah, teaching is a labor of love. In veterinary school, humane hands-on learning experiences for students were lacking. Students in many programs were expected to practice surgery on healthy animals that were then euthanized at the end of the lab or the course (‘Terminal Surgeries’). Dr. Hannah was unwilling to participate in this kind of education and sought out an ‘alternative tract’ or other ways to gain hands-on learning for live animal surgeries.

Dr. Hannah found that a win-win situation could be achieved by pairing veterinary and vet tech students in need of practice with rescue horses in need of veterinary care under supervision of professionals like herself to benefit everyone involved.

"I found that equine experience was much more difficult to come by versus small animal experiences, and since horses have always been my focus, this was what I needed to do in order to give back," said Dr. Hannah. "While it took a lot of leg work and time to organize these learning experiences, the efforts are well worth it."

Research shows vet students who opt out of terminal surgeries graduate from school with a higher level of compassion for their patients. This compassion is what motivates vets to do a good job with every individual case in their practice - and for Dr. Hannah it is one of the most important components to being a good veterinarian!

Out of this passion, the Cedarbrook vet/tech/working students program was developed.

Vet Tech/Vet Assistant Students

Dr. Hannah welcomes veterinary technician and veterinary assistant students interested in equine medicine to perform both their required internship hours as well as additionally desired hours for more hands on experience with Cedarbrook Veterinary Care and Cedarbrook Farms. As with the veterinary student program, this program allows students to observe a variety of patients and gain hands on experience in horse husbandry and daily care. Vet tech/assistant students also work in their capacity assisting the doctor for numerous procedures including dental floats, lameness exams and various medical procedures. Students are quickly put to work assisting the veterinarian and become an important part of our team. Students interested in alternative medicine will gain a valuable introduction into various modalities including acupuncture and chiropractic.

Working Students and Job Shadowing

If you are considering a career in the equine veterinary field, are experienced working with horses, and are over 13 years of age we have opportunities for you as well! After a brief meet and greet appointment with Dr. Hannah to make sure we are a good match, we can set up a job shadowing ride along time for you to spend a day riding along with Dr. Hannah to seeing first-hand what the day of an equine veterinarian looks like. The day starts at 7:00 a.m. helping with caretaker duties and learning about horse husbandry, veterinary appointments generally begin around 9:00 a.m. After you have completed a ride along, if you are interested in becoming a working student, you can interview to become a working student. Working students commit to at least one day per month and gain experience in horse husbandry, daily care, farm maintenance, truck cleaning/stocking, and veterinary assisting.

Interested in the field of Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Learning? Please contact us to discuss how you can become involved with our program.

Interested in horse training/handling or managing your own equestrian facility some day? Working students interested in farm management, horse husbandry, horse handling, or the Cedarbrook Farms program are teamed up with caretaking staff and stay onsite to observe, as well as gain first-hand experience. We can tailor the working student program to your area of interest.


Like all of our staff our volunteers are interviewed, trained and accountable.

In keeping with our professional horse keeping standards, we carefully screen each volunteer applicant at professional standards and have an initial orientation with Dr. Hannah on a one-on-one basis so that she is able to determine your strengths and fit you perfectly within our farm community.

We rely on volunteer help to keep Cedarbrook Farms beautiful and sustainable so that we can continue to be a place of healing for animals and people in our community. Cedarbrook Farms offers discounts/donations to rescue horses that come to the farm for rehabilitation and Cedarbrook Veterinary Care also offers discounts/donations to rescue organizations for veterinary services through our rescue horse rehabilitation program. Your volunteer hours help to offset the farm maintenance and horse management costs that come with helping the horses in our community. We also run an Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Learning program at Cedarbrook Farms and the beautiful sanctuary like setting of the farm provides a place of mutual healing for both people and horses. Keeping the farm beautifully maintained helps Dr. Hannah and both Cedarbrook Veterinary Care and Cedarbrook Farms programs.

Come and enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of life on a horse farm! Does a day away from the city, exploring in our woods, and helping to maintain our trails or building new campsite areas sound fun? Do you like gardening and the methodical satisfaction of weeding, watering and watching things grow? Do you need some time to slow down and reconnect with animals and nature, or do you enjoy the physical outlet of poop scooping? We sure do!

Life on the farm feeds our heart and souls and keeps us fit and in tune with the natural world around us. We give back to our long term volunteers by allowing them to enjoy spending time at the farm connecting with the horses on a case by case basis, walking/jogging our trails, or simply having meditative time in nature. Often we are able to team volunteers up with an appropriately matched resident horse that they can build a relationship with while here, a win-win for both horse and human.

Our caretaking duty shifts start at 7:00 a.m. and go until 7:00 p.m. If you are interested in work parties or specific farm projects please let us know, times/hours vary and can be flexible! Your help is greatly appreciated and we welcome you to join our Cedarbrook Farms community!

If you are new to horses or a child you must be actively enrolled in our horsemanship program to have hands on interaction with the horses. There are plenty of other things for you to participate in at the farm if you are not able to enroll in the horsemanship program. Children must be accompanied by an experienced adult at all times.

If you are interested in one of these opportunities contact our office at (360) 794-9255 or email us at

Student Testimonials

Right off the bat you could tell that Dr. Hannah was a teacher at heart, and she really wants you to be your best and succeed. I enjoy her company very much, and her calm disposition is very helpful, especially when you’re asking her how you can improve as an employee. It’s inspiring to see how the animals respond to her. It’s very encouraging to know you don’t have to be up tight to handle an animal no matter the size. I personally would work with Dr. Hannah any chance I get.

Jessica L. - PIMA Vet Tech Graduate

Thank you and your staff for the warm welcome during my visit. I had very good quality educational time and I really enjoyed every minute of that. The hands-on experience in respect to equine medicine with you was outstanding. Surely this time has improved my skills and helped me gain valuable experience; I feel more confidence to pass the equine part of CPE exam.

Once again, thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding.

Nasser I. – Veterinarian from Tehran University, Iran